Sharing What Goes On Behind-the-Scenes

903 Medical Center Drive, Arlington WA 98223

The following paragraph is found in our orientation manual for new staff members.  It is pretty easy to talk about service, even extraordinary service.  It is a diligent practice that leads us to caring for patients in an extraordinary way.  We intend to see that all your expectations are met.  Our patients continually share with us their needs and we continually grow in better and safer care.

The patient is the most important part of our practice. A patient is not an interruption of our work, the patient is the purpose for it — the life blood of this and every practice. A patient comes to us with his or her personal needs and concerns, when we can answer those needs and concerns, we know we are truly successful.

We look forward to sharing our philosophy further with you in the future.

— Barbara C. Aliaga, Practice Administrator

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