Dr. Ballon and Dr. Wietharn, Arlington WA

About 3-1/2 weeks ago in a meeting with our refractive surgeons, I noticed a lot of floaters in my vision, I mean a lot of floaters!  Before I knew what was happening what looked like pieces of cobwebs and countless dark spots covered the top part of my vision.  As it crept down at a slant covering half of my vision, I knew something was not correct.

Our surgeons, Dr. Ballon and Dr. Wietharn,  knew immediately what was happening.  I experienced what is known as a “horseshoe tear” of the retina.  Left unattended it would develop into a retina detachment, and, as everyone knows, we need a retina (screen of the eye) to see.  So even though no one ever wants a retina tear, I couldn’t have been in a better place than with my doctors!

Within an hour I had completed a comprehensive, dilated evaluation with Dr. Ballon.  My vision had lost numerous lines of vision by this time and I was a concerned patient.  Arrangements were made for emergency surgery and by noon the retina was repaired.  Dr. Ballon successfully performed an Argon laser procedure that sealed the tear.  I was admonished not to lift anything for at least two weeks, to take it easy for the next few days and, of course, call if I had any concerns.

While this may sound self-serving because I work at The Harman Eye Clinic, I am so appreciative of the care and attention that was given to me from every staff member, that I unashamedly write this review.  It was a wonderful experience to observe the systems we work on so diligently, and see they are working to the advantage of our patients.  Quietly and behind the scenes, my insurance was preauthorize and staff made a place in their busy schedule for me both in clinic and in the surgery center.

I am proud to say that I am a member of this team.  As a patient, I would recommend the doctors of The Harman Eye Clinic with great enthusiasm.  Vision is something I cannot imagine losing, but if I were to have any difficulty, I would like it to be in the warm, professional and caring hands of the surgeons and staff of The Harman Eye Clinic.

As an addendum, my vision has returned to normal.  I see everything with a new attitude of gratitude!

— Barbara C. Aliaga, Practice Administrator

For more information on retinal detachments/tears

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