Dr. Ballon Is Searching for Patients Who Are Highly Nearsighted for Visian ICL

Dear Friends and Neighbors

Doctor Bruce Ballon is searching for highly nearsighted patients who do not qualify for iLASIK but would like to be free from dependence on glasses or contact lenses just the same.  You can learn more about this amazing lens correction by going to www.visianinfo.com

Made from Collamer, the Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is one of the latest technological advancements in vision correction.  The Visian ICL is a long lasting solution for refractive error.  Through its myopia correction, the Visian ICL offers excellent quality of vision.  The Visian ICL and its unique Collamer composition offer numerous advantages including:

Quality of Vision – The Visian ICL produces not only improved visual acuity (20/20 vision is considered normal visual acuity), but also excellent visual quality. Many patients experience the “Wow” factor when they experience the immediate improvement in the quality of their vision.

Versatility – The Visian ICL offers a wider treatment range for myopia than LASIK and PRK procedures.

Simplicity – Unlike traditional contact lenses, once the Visian ICL is implanted in the eye, there is no additional maintenance needed.

Safety – After implantation in over 55,000 eyes worldwide, the Visian ICL has established a proven track record of safety.

Lens Placement – The placement of the Visian ICL makes the lens invisible to the patient and any observer.

Removable – The Visian ICL was designed to be permanently placed in the eye. However, the lens can be removed if a patient’s vision changes or if it otherwise needs to be removed or replaced.

Dr. Ballon was one of the first surgeons in the Pacific Northwest to perform a similar surgery using the Verisyse Phakic lens.  Pam Miller, billing specialist supervisor in our practice, was one of his first happy patients to take advantage, and that was five years ago. Dr. Ballon is pleased to bring the Visian ICL solution to our patients.  He is now searching for first patients.

If you think you are one of the first candidates (highly nearsighted) for this procedure, please call for a free, no obligation refractive evaluation.  If you are one of the first to qualify for a Visian ICL implant, you will receive an impressive discount.  Please call us at 360.435.8595.  I will be glad to personally facilitate your appointment.

Sincerely yours,

R. Lee Harman, MD, FACS, Bruce J. Ballon, MD, Bruce E. Wietharn, MD

Barbara Aliaga, Practice Administrator, THE HARMAN EYE CLINIC, 360.435.8595

Dr. Ballon is searching for patients who are highly nearsighted and wish Visian ICL

One comment

  1. Dear Dr. Ballen,
    Last week we celebrated over 250,000 STAAR Visian ICL’s being implanted world wide. Thank you for your support in bringing new technologies to potential refractive patients.
    Best Regards,
    Don Fagen
    408 497 1638

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