How to navigate around our Patient Portal.

See a Patient Portal Demonstration Video.

Very simply put, a patient portal is an information and communication gateway between our doctors and you! The technology is secure and your account is password-protected.  It is compliant with HIPAA. Now our website,, will be more useful than ever!

Because you will need a password, Click on the GET STARTED button and , even though you are already a patient, register for your password. Be sure to fill in any blank with an asterisk.

When you use your passworded patient portal, you will be able to:

  • Schedule an appointment, that is not of an urgent or emergent nature.  For urgent care, you should call for an appointment within the next few hours.  For all exams, you can schedule on-line.
  • You can ask to refill your medicine prescriptions and request your current glasses prescriptions
  • You can register as a new patient; be sure to tell your friends and neighbors.
  • You can update your current information
  • You can even check on your upcoming appointment and review your visit history.

No more waiting on hold, or waiting for the phone to be answered.  You can  use our website and have direct access to our attention.  Try it soon

When you use the patient portal,

  • we are able to take care of the patients in our clinic in a timely manner
  • We can assist you more promptly and with better chance of accurately responding to your needs.

Let us know how you like your own little corner of The Harman Eye Clinic!

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