Dr. Bajenova to Join The Harman Eye Clinic in July

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Bajenova to The Harman Eye Clinic, and back to the wonderful Pacific Northwest. Dr. Bajenova brings a fresh and professional love for ophthalmology to The Harman Eye Clinic.

Her ability to speak fluent Russian and English is a wonderful asset for the Northwest community! Dr. Bajenova is recognized for her unbending desire to give 100% of her attention and energy to any given activity. Dr. Bajenova believes, along with her partners, Dr. Ballon and Dr. Wietharn, that the relationship between doctor and patient is the most important element to successful eye surgery.

Dr. Bajenova sees patients for comprehensive eye exams, and performs Cataract Surgery. She holds a retina clinic on Wednesday with Dr. Ballon. Dr. Bajenova works very closely with our co-managing doctors throughout the northwest to bring the best in eye surgery with the convenience of local postoperative care.

She holds impressive credentials. Dr. Bajenova came to the United States from Russia, 1999. She attended Khabarovsk Medical University, Khabarovsk, Russia, 1994-1999. From the University of Washington, she received a Bachelor of Science, cum laude in Biology with minor in Music, 2003. She earned her Doctorate in Medicine, with honors, University of Washington School of Medicine, 2008. Her Ophthalmology Residency was completed in Kellogg Eye Center, Ann Arbor, MI, 2012. Dr. Bajenova has the intelligence, motivation, education and personal skills that make her a perfect match for our patients here at The Harman Eye Clinic. Not only was she able to make notable achievements at work, but she also has devoted much of her time to her husband and two young children.

Dr. Bajenova’s philosophy is one that connects closely with her patients. She gets involved in their needs and concerns. She enjoys being a part of her patient’s happy experience.

Committed to Excellence! Dr. Ballon, Dr. Wietharn and Dr. Bajenova are partners and plan to work here at The Harman Eye Clinic until the day they retire. This fact is comforting to patients who seek a commitment and wish to develop a rapport with their eye doctor and surgeon.

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