A LASIK and Cataract Surgery Center’s Communication System Upgrade

World Class Eye Surgery North of Seattle

World Class Eye Surgery North of Seattle

We are enthusiastic about our newest system to help better communicate with our patients!  We know how important your time is to you and we hope our new systems will help direct you to quick solutions!

Our new phone system

You can connect directly with the person who can help you!  When you call 800-755-3937 and, very soon,  360-435-8595, you will be directed to these departments:

  1. Scheduling.  For LASIK or cataract surgery evaluations or medical eye exams, press one (1).  You can also ask questions about LASIK, cataract surgery or any of our services from our experts.  Doctor-to-doctor phone calls can be arranged through scheduling.
  2. Billing.  For questions about upcoming surgery costs, questions about insurance coverage, questions about your last statement, press two (2).  Our billing and coding specialists are available to help you.
  3. Customer (Can-Do) Service.  For medical record requests, patients with special needs, human resource, to contact the administrator press three (3).  When you need a quick response to your concern use this department.
  4. To speak with a staff member who speaks fluent Russian  press four (4).
  5. To speak with a staff member who speaks fluent Spanish press five (5).

When you need a refill from a medicine or eye drop, please call your pharmacist and they will contact us electronically through ePrescribe.  Please allow 48 hours for your Rx to be filled, but we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Always when it is an emergency dial 911.  And, for one specific staff member you wish to speak to, there is a directory.   Press nine (9).

We’ll still retain (0) for the operator —  for those who wish the speediest of attention!

And one last reminder,  you can schedule an appointment of your choice on our website, http://www.20better.com, or from our Facebook page, The Harman Eye Clinic.

All of this is to help keep our staff away from transferring calls and focused on the patients who are in our clinic.  As healthcare becomes more available to all, our doctors and staff wish to rise to the occasion by streamlining our systems.  The phone system is the first of many new innovations. In a bit we will talk about reminder calls that can be made electronically through email or texting.  By reducing the number of reminder calls made daily, an additional staff member is available to care for our patients who are in clinic.  This is going to be a great year!

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