Brandie Somers, COT, ST

ASC Director

ASC Director

We are all about extraordinary service!  Sometimes, though, we just need to celebrate the dedication and achievements of our staff.  We are proud to recognize Brandie Somers, COT, ST, Director of The Harman Eye Clinic Surgery Center as one who is leading the way in excellence!

In 2003, Brandie completed her schooling for Medical Assistant and was hired by The Harman Eye clinic to work in patient care.  She quickly established herself as a key team member — a medically skilled and compassionate  provider of services.   Our doctors came to rely on her to lead, train and encourage other technicians toward extraordinary care.  Within the time we have known her we have shared her marriage and the arrival of two wonderful children.  And yet Brandie ceases to amaze us with her desire to improve herself and those around her.

This year, Brandie accepted the position of Director of The Harman Eye Clinic in collaboration with Head Nurse, Olga Tereshchuk.   With Brandie’s ten years of hands-on managerial experience, she has made impressive refinements to our infection control protocols, our adherence to CMS compliance as well as recreate a team spirit enjoyed by patients, staff and doctors!

You would think Brandie would be content to sit on her laurels but this weekend she surprised all of us by passing the COT exam (JCAHPO-Certified Ophthalmic Technician).  Congratulations is in order!  Once again Brandie has led the way for all of our technicians to pursue their individual excellence in career advancement.

Brandie, we salute you!

Dr. Bajenova and Brandie Somers

Dr. Bajenova and Brandie Somers prepare the Intralase laser to create a blameless LASIK flap before using the VISX laser.


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