What is bladeless LASIK?

IntraLase MethodWhat is Blade-Free?

Traditionally, LASIK doctors have used an instrument called a microkeratome for the creation of LASIK flaps. The microkeratome is a hand-held blade that moves across the eye, cutting the LASIK flap as it goes. LASIK is extremely safe, but if complications do occur, the microkeratome is frequently the cause. The IntraLase Method, by contrast, is a 100% blade-free approach to corneal flap creation – enabling your doctor to create an individualized LASIK flap without a blade ever touching your eye.

During LASIK, creating the corneal flap is the first step and one of the most important. The skilled hand of the surgeon will use the IntraLase laser to create a small flap that will be lifted back during the procedure. You are then moved into place under the VISX laser, and it delivers a calculated number of pulses to in a custom pattern to successfully alter the shape of your cornea.

After the surgery is complete, the corneal flap is then placed back into its regular position. The flap will naturally adhere to the cornea without the need for stitches. The natural pumping action of the endothelial cells make sure the flap stays in place.

The shape of the cornea is now custom designed. The new shape allows the rays of light to hit more directly on the retina and better images are viewable. Many LASIK patients notice a substantial improvement directly after the procedure. However, your vision will continue to improve over the course of the next few weeks. Your doctor will provide you with both anti-biotic and steroid drops to make sure your eyes are healing properly and that there is no infection.

For more information, visit the iLASIK Website

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