Training Course for Ophthalmic Assistants Offered

Transform Your Thinking

We are recruiting professional people who will train as ophthalmic assistants.  These assistants complete diagnostic testing, gather medical history and review medical systems to help our doctors assess and recommend treatment plans in a timely manner.

The Harman Eye Clinic is specialized medicine. Those who are employed here are offered specialized training that exceeds what is taught in medical assistants courses.  These trainees will study the anatomy and physiology of the eye, EHR and Practice Management Programs, diagnostic equipment.  They will learn how to educate patients regarding vision defects, iLASIK, lifestyle lens implants for cataract surgery, Dropless cataract surgery.  A home-study course will be provided each trainee in anticipation of sitting for JCAHPO Ophthalmic Assistant Certification.

Within the next couple of weeks, a few eligible candidates will be chosen to enroll in this home-study and work-study training.  For more information, visit our Careers website.

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