Growing Pains or Reaching For Excellence

Our Clinic and Surgery Center, Arlington Washington

903 Medical Center Drive, Arlington WA 98223

The Harman Eye Clinic has been in existence for 32 years. We must remain vital, and not become complacent. We want to consistently redefine your needs. The Harman Eye Clinic has invested in new electronic medical records. We have chosen Modernizing Medicine and its EMA, Electronic Medical Assistant with the ability to utilize iPads during office visits. And, you can now view your entire medical chart from the comfort of your home through a secured Internet Patient Portal that is truly useful and secure. There is no more need to request and wait for medical records. Your chart is within your reach 24-hours a day. So are your glasses prescriptions, and much more.

When you call for an appointment you can receive a login and temporary password in order to enter your medicines, a past medical history, past surgeries, family medical history, and can even securely email a request or concern to our office. This can certainly help cut down the time spent with your technician. You and staff truly have a medical assistant who can be a great liaison between you and your doctor.

Excellence is never an accident. It is achieved by insisting on the highest standards of performance. These words have been with us over the years. When a company insists on excellence, a few staff will wish to retire from this fast-paced career. Others are inspired to ever refine our service. Toward the end of year, several staff members left to become homemakers or to take jobs that were less demanding. We have recruited and are currently training a very energetic, wide eyed, top-of-the-line group who will soon be ready to work at full speed.

In the meantime we appreciate your patience as you participate in reminding them and all of us of the great responsibility we have to patient safety, patient comfort and extraordinary care. Thank you for being with us in the past, in these special present moments, and in the future. We love what we do, and we thank you for allowing us to continue in providing extraordinary service. Growing pains? Reaching for excellence? You decide.

Bruce J Ballon, MD, Bruce E Wietharn, MD, Natalia V Bajenova, and Barbara C Aliaga

The Harman Eye Clinic

903 Medical Center Drive, Arlington WA 98223

360-474-2561  360-435-8595  FAX 360-435-5233

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