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iLASIK, the most trusted name in laser vision correction.

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See how much you will spend over a lifetime with contact lenses versus choosing iLASIK now.

Gold Standard iLASIK

 This can be a life-changing year for you.

Bladeless Custom VISX LASIK

call 360-474-2561 to talk with us!

Schedule On-Line Now! Before you come in for your free, comprehensive refractive evaluation, find out if your eyes are healthy enough for iLASIK.  You can call our office at 360.435.8595 and we’ll help you decide or screen yourself here.   Your free, comprehensive LASIK evaluation is a two-hour diagnostic testing, education, and meeting-with-your-surgeon time designed for you.  You’ll  better understand what specific options are currently available with your eyesight and life-style in mind.

There is no obligation to proceed with surgery.  Because measurements are taken along with an interview with your surgeon, you leave with customized medical knowledge!  You know what surgical vision correction is recommended for your eyes and you will know why you should not a specific procedure also.  You will not be charged for this important refractive surgery evaluation. Once you visit our office, you’ll be telling your friends and neighbors about us and that is all the thanks we need. Your eyes are most important to you!  Take advantage of our complimentary refractive evaluation today.

Customize your vision !

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The Harman Eye Clinic

903 Medical Center Drive, Arlington WA 98223

360-474-2561  360-435-8595  FAX 360-435-5233


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