Ophthalmology Job Openings in Arlington WA

The team at The Harman Eye Clinic are continually on the lookout for individuals who have a high sense of service ability.Survey

We believe that we can train skills but we cannot easily train the heart behind the person who provides service.  For a brief look at the core values of a Medical Ophthalmology Specialty Clinic, tap here!

We look for service-minded individuals who are inspired by more than their paycheck.

Our mission statement is this: We are an advanced eye surgery center where all people are treated with extraordinary care:  Patient, Doctor and Co-Team Members.

As the population grows, so does the need for additional qualified individuals who lead with their heart: Patient, Doctor and Co Te!am Members.  Our website has a current list of available positions.  We encourage people who know they are able to respond to others in authentic and caring ways, to inquire about possible employment, even if they don’t yet have skills in ophthalmology.  We can train those skills.  We can’t easily train a person to care!.  Check out our latest positions.

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