Cataract Surgery; A Patient’s Journal

Arlington, Washington — Joyce Bowley joined The Harman Eye Clinic in 1995.  Patients have happily passed through our surgery center under her warm, professional guidance. Now Joyce has discovered that cataracts have affected her lifestyle.   By writing her experience as it unfolds, it is her hope that she can reach out to those who are undecided and yet concerned about their vision impacting daily life activities.


Read more about a patient’s experience at The Harman eye Clinic as she prepares for cataract surgery.  Tap on any of the following:

A Patient’s Journal I – Cataract Surgery

A Patient’s Journal II – Cataract Surgery (Preparing for Cataract Surgery Day)

A Patient’s Journal III – Cataract Surgery Day

A Patient’s Journal IV – Cataract Surgery One Day Post-Op

A Patient’s Journal V – One week & 2nd Eye Surgery

A Patient’s Journal VI – Second Surgery, Day One

A Patent’s Journal VII – Return of Blurry Vision After Cataract Surgery