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Fall Updates:

  • The TECNIS SYMFONY® lens implant VIDEO is on-line and available for you and your patients here!
  • Dr. Ballon has written more about and published on-line: What is an extended depth of focus lens? TECNIS SYMFONY® Tap Here!
  • The Harman Eye Clinic has a new executive director.  read the news release.
  • A dedicated number, 360-474-2561, for your convenience! Refractive Surgery Consultant, Pam Miller, looks forward to working with your office to help your patients achieve their vision goals in refractive surgery, be it LASIK/PRK or Lifestyle Lens Implants.  Or, when your patient is in the office, you can request an appointment in a timely fashion by clicking below.


Dear Doctors,

In our quest to provide better care for your patients, we began performing dropless cataract surgery after January 1st of this year.  As you know, some patients still need drops for inherent conditions such as epiretinal membrane, diabetic macular edema, etc.Over 90% of patients need no eyedrops after surgery, but as many as one in ten may develop “rebound inflammation” after the intravitreal steroid effect wears off.  These patients typically present 3 weeks out from surgery with iritis symptoms such as redness, irritation or photophobia.  They respond well to initiation of topical steroids.  They may call the office (invariably Friday at 4:30PM!) and we call in a prescription for Pred Forte and have them schedule as soon as convenient, usually within a couple of days.

We are moving up our 1 month follow-up appointment to 3 weeks and suggest you do this also. Please inform us if you have a patient with rebound inflammation (by way of your post-op  form), as we are trying to assess the percentage of patients who have “rebound inflammation”.  Nationally others are reporting 9%, but we are seeing about 6%.  Our patient population is 95%+ Caucasian which may skew the data, as darkly pigmented patients are thought to be more apt to get inflammation.  In any case, we feel having to start drops in less than 10% of cases is a small price to pay to avoid drops for 90% of patients, and decreasing the risk of endophthalmitis from 1:2000 to 1:20,000.Best Wishes,logo   Bruce, Bruce and Natalia

For your patients:


ilasik 8 15 17 copyTake-the-

iLASIK Package Price List


Cataract Surgery Patient Workbook Free Download



Doctor-and-surgeon-comanaged-care– pdf

Eye Drops for Cataract Surgery

Price Comparison for Surgery Drop

Services Provided

Services Provided by The Harman Eye Care Surgeons

Surgeons and their schedules

Surgeons at The Harman Eye Clinic


Doctors Referral Form:

Referring Doctors Form

Postoperative Follow-Up Protocol

Please note that DropLess Cataract Surgery has changed the “one-month” follow up appointment to “three weeks”.  (See Letter of January 2016 above.)

Postoperative Cataract Procotol

PO Cataract, Multifocal Lens Implant, YAG and Minor Lasers:

 IOL PostOp Form


Refractive Surgery follow up form

For multifocal and accommodative lens implants:

Lifestyle Questionnaire Interactive

The Harman Eye Clinic

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