Cataract Surgery

Welcome!  On this page, you can locate the most up-to-date “Patient Guide to Cataract Surgery” to help you navigate your own experience through cataract surgery.  We are at your service by phone, through on-line scheduling, email or texting.  We are happy to serve you in the way you are most comfortable.

Here are links to past blog articles that may be helpful to you:

A Cataract Surgery Patient Journal

Beginning to think about cataracts? Here’s a good place to start.

5 steps to help sort out your lens implant options with Cataract Surgery

A Patient Guide to Cataract Surgery (click to download)

Talk to our staff in-person:  360-474-2561


You may be interested in Symfony Implant Lens?  Watch this video by pressing here.

Tap on to download a free pdf copy of our Cataract Workbook


When you come in for a cataract consultation with our techs and your surgeon, you will be asked to watch this video to  weigh the risks and benefits in light of your particular health status.  We have placed it here so that you can watch it in the comfort of your home.  We hope it will create a basis of information to utilize when you talk with your surgeon.  If you have any questions before your visit, please do not hesitate to call one of our refractive consultants, 360-474-2561 or 360-435-8595.

Informed Consent watch-informed-consent-001Cataract Surgery Video

(Risks and Benefits)

Download, and print if possible, the quiz before watching the Informed Consent Video:


Please bring a completed quiz with you to your consultant appointment.

Learn about Dropless Eye Surgery.  Don’t want to choose  or don’t qualify for DropLess Cataract surgery?  The link below is for you:  If you are wondering whether you should choose brand name or generic medical eye drops for your surgery, you may find this helpful:  Eye Drops for Cataract Surgery       Price Comparison for Surgery Drop

We are privileged to participate in your eye care. The Harman Eye Clinic is a laser and cataract surgery center dedicated to extraordinary care of people since 1984. Doctors and Staff provide the best in eye surgical technology and excellence in personal care.

Communication is pinnacle to successful surgery.   We wish to meet with each patient to evaluate and plan for your surgery.  Our staff are specially trained to assist you along the way. Let us know if there is anything you think we should know.

We may have the experience of an established eye center, but we are youthful in our attitude and passion about taking care of every patient, every time.  Expect to have a wonderful experience!  And, thank you for your confidence.

Please call 360.435.8595 if you are not able to download this pdf file and we will be happy to send you a paper copy.

The Harman Eye Clinic

903 Medical Center Drive, Arlington WA 98223

360-474-2561  360-435-8595  FAX 360-435-5233


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