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Totally Laser Custom iLASIK For High Nearsightedness

iLASIK Patient

It doesn’t get much happier than this!  A 23-year-old patient met up with eye surgeon, Dr. Wietharn.  Her high degree of nearsightedness made it impossible to navigate without glasses or contacts. She hoped to explore options for iLASIK, (total-laser vision correction)

Casidhe is an optician’s apprentice and has a bit of background in eye care to say the least.  She was careful about choosing her surgeon and made the rounds to several LASIK centers before choosing The Harman Eye Clinic staff and Dr. Wietharn.

Like every patient here, Casidhe was treated as an individual with her specific vision requirements, the health of her eyes beyond nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, her age and her lifestyle.  And, like every patient, Dr. Wietharn and staff took the time to carefully weigh the risks and benefits and possible need for a refinement surgery in her case.

“I felt ready, and I felt like I knew what was going to happen. [Dr. Wietharn] was very straightforward and honest,” Casidhe told us after surgery.

At her 1-day post-op visit, Casidhe saw 20/30 with both eyes, and she was thrilled. She had achieved legal-to-drive without glasses or contacts at day one!  Dr. Wietharn had prepared her with realistic expectations and she was a happy camper at day-one.

“Would you recommend iLASIK,” we asked. She answered, “Oh, yeah. Just do it, it’s amazing. Even if this vision only lasted 10 years, I would be happy with it.”

This positive spirit paid off.  At her 1 week visit, Casidhe could read the 20/15 line without correction. And, as stated at the beginning, It doesn’t get much happier than this!

Congratulations, Casidhe.  We never get tired of helping people achieve their vision goals.

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Rain Frost, COA, ST

Surgical Technologist, Rain Frost, aces her JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic

Surgical Technologist, Rain Frost, aces her JCAHPO Certified Ophthalmic

Rain Frost recently earned her Certified Ophthalmic Assistant credentials, … in addition to completing her training and WA State registration as a surgical technologist.  …all in 2013, and all with a smile!

There is considerable evidence that certified ophthalmic assistants, technicians, and technologists increase productivity, patient satisfaction, and practice efficiency.  The dedication of working-staff to pursue certification after employment demonstrates  the enthusiasm people like Rain have for our patients!

Rain earned her Medical Assistant Degree (MA) prior to joining The Harman Eye Clinic.  But her desire to further her education and skills has been relentless.

When one of our scrub techs relocated to eastern Washington, Rain accepted the opportunity to enter an intense training program to meet the requirements of the position. This training focused on surgical technique; sterile handling of instruments, intra-operative assistance, and infection control technique.  A surgical technologist, commonly known as a scrub tech, works alongside the surgeon and registered nurse during cataract surgery, lid surgery and other laser surgeries performed here at The Harman Eye Clinic.

She has found that she possesses great agility in this field to the delight of her team!  But she did not stop there.

Rain had been ready to sit for the COA exam as a clinic certified ophthalmic assistant.  Instead of leaving that degree behind, she recently sat and earned this certification also!  Rain Frost represents the high caliber of our team members who are committed to the extraordinary care of our patients, staff and surgeons.

Rain Frost, we salute you!!


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Our Patients Lead The Way!

Over the past twenty years we have listened closely to the needs of our patients and responded accordingly. We daily raise our service IQ to improve on service based on patient recommendations.

Recently we found that by utilizing emails and texting and a company called Demandforce, we can communicate at a faster and more realistic rate. Our patients have been empowered to tell us, both in a private survey and in a public review, how we can improve, and they are now advocates for excellence.  Our patients lead the way to bringing the best in eye surgery to future patients.

Our doctors and staff are grateful for all those who have taken time to review their experience each time they are here. Thank you!

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