Crystalens Workbooks

You may also be interested in coloring exercises to further strengthen you reading vision.

Book Three Crystalens Book 3


The Crystalens® vision workbooks are a series of six different books used for post-Crystalens vision therapy.  Each book has sixteen different word search puzzles designed to be completed over a two-week cycle, with the patient completing one exercise per day.  There are six books so it will take twelve weeks to complete the entire program.

The program is a series of structured exercises that allow the eyes to focus on letters of progressively smaller size, thereby stimulating the eyes to accommodate.  The size of the letters and the number of puzzles are intended to establish a controlled, daily accommodative exercise program to gradually improve and enhance accommodative efficiency and amplitude.

Most of the puzzles have fun, light hearted topics selected to be entertaining to the patient. Just like traditional word search games, these have a series of words hidden throughout the puzzle.  The words are listed on each page so the player knows which ones to look for.

Book One should be very easy for the patient, the font size being the largest.  Once that book is completed, the patient can advance to the next book.  With each new book the print will get smaller, increasing the difficulty of the puzzle.

The patient should be instructed to complete one booklet over a two-week period.  If they stall at one book and have trouble finishing it, you may wish to give them another copy and keep them at that level for a few more weeks.

The therapy should start two weeks after surgery on their second eye is completed.  If the Crystalens is only going to be implanted in one eye, or if it is anticipated that the second eye will not be implanted within one month of the first eye, the program should be started once the implanted eye is two weeks post-op.  You should plan to exchange booklets every two weeks.  We recommend the patient bring in each completed puzzle book and exchange it for the next.  Some offices prefer to give their patients several booklets at one time and let the patients work through them at their own pace.

This program was designed to help the patient throughout their ninety-day postoperative period.  If your patient is comfortable beginning with one of the later books, be sure to encourage them and let them know that they are ahead of schedule.  Every patient is different.  Some patients may be able to begin the program on one of the more difficult books.  For example, some may need to use only books four through six.  Our overall objective is to provide the patient with tools to help on their road to visual rejuvenation.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Paul S. Koch, MD and Jackie Hammett in the creation of the Crystalens vision workbooks.

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  1. Surgery in my right eye Nov 1 2015 and surgery in left eye Dec 1 2015. My Doctor gave me a card to read to exercise eyes with but it left a lot to be desired. My goal was for distance vision after the cataract surgery as I did not want to go back to wearing contacts. My reading vision is not sharp but I am willing to exercise them if there is still a chance of training the muscles. I am 50 years old and no health issues. The question is even after a couple months since surgery is there still a chance of training the new lens and muscle combination.

  2. I had my 2nd eye surgery on October 6, 2015….I would like to get the workbooks to work on my close vision…. can I order them from you or get them on line from you….what is the process…..Lois Chapman 239 – 571 – 3910

    1. You can download and print them out. When I had cataract surgery, I printed them out and each week, I used one that was smaller than the next. In time I was able to read most sizes without thinking about it. Good luck to you. It is always a good idea to talk with your doctor however, whenever you are still concerned about your vision. Best of luck to you!

  3. Thanks for the workbooks! Probably a dumb question but should the workbooks be read with one eye closed?

    1. A very good question. You may want to ask your doctor for specific directions for your individual postoperative care. Generally, both eyes open are the way you want to train your brain for many activities and ranges of vision you wish to achieve. Hope this helps.

  4. I have a new Crystalens in one eye and a standard distance lens in the other which was done a few years prior. My question is should I read with one eye closed or both eyes open? My distance lens eye is the dominant eye if that makes any difference. Thanks

    1. Again, you may wish to ask your Doctor for specific directions. Generally, if in the future you wish to read with both eyes open, the best way to approach these books is with both eyes open. Most patients find their brain kicks in with practice.

  5. I am on Book 3, page 8 for my right eye, (my left eye was done after my right eye, thus it is behind). My question for this page is it’s entitlement “McDonald’s Menu” and the words at the bottom of the page do not correspond with McDonalds Menu!! The words at the bottom are the names of popular stores. Has anyone else found this to be an error, or is just me??

  6. Thank you so much for providing these workbooks. I am ten days post-op on second eye and intend to start these and use them to maximize the Crystalens. I am disappointed that the Eye Institute of West Florida did not even mention this to me!

    1. Congratulations on your new vision and on locating these workbooks. These workbooks are available to all eye centers. It may be helpful to your eye surgeon to know how much they helped you. Thank you for your comments.

  7. Thank you for these workbooks! I have had Crystalens implanted in both eyes and wanted more info on how to exercise my eyes. The only instruction I received was to read and then look into the distance. (I am not a patient of the Harmon Eye Clinic. I live on the other side of the country.) Finding these came at the right time for me. The two week period following my second surgery ended yesterday. Do you have any guidelines for how much time to spend completing each puzzle and then looking into varying distances? How much time should be allowed between periods of reading? I am impressed with your website and may recommend my doctor’s practice consider including some aspects of your into their’s. Thanks again!

    1. Your doctor is the best person to answer your questions regarding the use of the Crystalens Workbooks. Everyone is different and your doctor will know the best way to utilize the books to maximize your vision potential. It is amazing how what you need appears when you need it. Congratulations on your new vision!

  8. Can I get some of these books…I am 5 months out from surgery…will this help me fine tune or is it too late?

    1. This is a great question for your surgeon. The Crystalens papers are here for you to download to your printer. We will contact you to set up an appointment with your doctor to find ways to fine-tune your reading vision. Thank you for your comment.

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